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Max_M may prefer the shadows, but his mounting productions and efforts as M_REC LTD label chief are shunting him ever further into the limelight.

Originating from Rome, he established himself as a peripheral figure throughout the 90s DJing at raves and intimate parties. During this time he found a friend and ally in Alessio Armeni, AKA Freddy K, fellow vinyl advocate and flag-flyer for all forms of strictly underground dance music. 20 years later their relationship continues to shape M_REC LTD as it matures into one of the go-to stations for intelligent, floor-facing techno. Whilst Grey Series, the label’s left-of-centre off-shoot, has proven Max_M’s knack for talent-spotting around techno’s outer regions.

Drawn to Detroit and Birmingham’s dark and punkier foundations, Max_M’s own productions marry cool, loop-based minimalism with warm emotional currents that set his concise discography apart. After a flurry of early releases, in 2009 he put out his first record for the newly-minted M_REC LTD, titled ‘Egg’. Five more records have followed since for the label, including two well-received splits with Attic Music founder Fabrizio Lapiana for M_REC LTD’s 10” sister series.

From the booth Max_M’s musical inclinations are resolute. They’ve earned him a residency in Milan, where he is currently based, at the prestigious Dude club, as well as regular outings at Tresor and Berghain. In January 2015 he helmed the first M_REC LTD showcase at the Berlin institution, playing alongside label mates Tadeo, NX1, Samuli Kemppi and others. That month he released a split EP with newcomer Wrong Assessment for Parachute Records, and in March he returned to M_REC LTD for a long-awaited three-track EP, titled ‘Dissertation’. With several other projects in the pipeline, Max_M’s unhurried interventions thus far look set to boil over. The recesses cannot hold him for long…


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